Colors in Motion

In this 4-week series for ages 5-7, students will learn about elements of nature, nutrition, and health. We will explore the different colors in nature, and the importance of good nutrition to keep both our bodies and the planet healthy. 

Classes are structured with creative play and movement games, integrating kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning. Some activities include light stretching & exercise, coloring, story time, and musical games... All surrounding the theme of the connection between our foods and nature.

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Student Testimonials

Children's Race

“I enjoy about the plants and drawing. I learned sharing. I learned that light and water make plants healthy.”

-Santa Barbara 4-year-old


“I love playing games and drawing. I learned that water and light makes a rainbow.”

-Santa Barbara 5-yr-old


“I’m enjoying that I can do everything I can. I liked being the rainbow -and red light green light. I learned that plants grow from bushes and trees.”

Santa Barbara 6-yr-old


“I learned about the earth -plants and trees and where food comes from.”

Santa Barbara 6-yr-old


“I just like everything. It’s really fun. Well, I learned a lot. I learned that light, sun, and water make a rainbow.”

-Santa Barbara 5-yr-old

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About Your Instructor

Melanie has been working with kids in preschool-12th grade for over 20 years, teaching dance, yoga, and creative movement. Her experience includes dance studios, theater groups, schools, summer camps, and after school programs. Melanie has also worked as a teacher’s aide in a kindergarten class. She most recently completed an Early Childhood Education course called Creative Learning & Curriculum (for preschool-aged students).


With a Bachelor’s in Dance from UC Santa Barbra, Melanie went on to become certified in personal training with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She then earned her yoga certifications with the White Lotus Foundation. Melanie is a certified in health & nutrition with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  


Melanie believes that childhood learning is most effective when in the format of creativity and play. She is passionate to teach children about nature, nutrition, and joy of movement. 

For sign ups & inquiries, contact Melanie: